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In Some Melodious Plot campaign shoot – BTS Super8 footage shot by Tazmyn Slicer.  


Veils of Cirrus, The Bones of Her Blazer 2021. Wool, solvy, cotton
herringbone tape, thread, dirt, ice and meathooks. Image captured by Sonny Witton. 

Copy of DSC06366.jpg

Details of V.O.C.  Dryad Coat: hand drawn and embroidered panels of antique paper silk captured by Tazmyn Slicer.

unfinished embroidery.jpg

Rare piece of unfinished embroidery, Britain c. 1660. 

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection)

V.O.C. is two creative visions borne in Melbourne, overlapping to weave a tale. 


Photo courtesy of Trudi Treble, featuring Veils of Cirrus belt.

Expressed through physical and digital mediums with a focus on tactile and wearable forms.


Ontwaanet wearing Dryad dress in paper silk, captured by Tazmyn Slicer. 

Collaboration and cross-pollination across local creative networks is our core value. We hope to bridge different art disciplines, creating a new realm into the unknown.

We are motivated by a necessity for  considered slow methods of design. Longevity is instilled in every piece. 


NEGATIVE CAPABILITY group installation curated by Veils of Cirrus, 2021. Image captured by Sonny Witton.


A copy of John Keats' Ode to a Nightingale  (1819), in his brother George's handwriting. (The British Library)


Brendon in Mirth dress, captured by Trudi Treble.

We produce micro runs of environmentally considered one-off garments and objects. Everything is designed, pattern-made and sampled in our Brunswick studio.


Hemlock and Dryad  captured by Trudi Treble (featuring aluminium brooch commission by Harley Herrera).

Antoinette in Hemlock scarf, captured by Trudi Treble.


We are excited to invite you into our little world – Amy and Caitlin. 


First layer of woodblock print on silk habotai. Original artwork by Lucy Waldron. 

Orpheus Charming the Nymphs, Dryads, and

Charles Joseph Natoire, Orpheus Charming the Nymphs, Dryads, and Animals  1757.


Woodblock carving process by V.O.C. Original artwork by Lucy Waldron. 


Photo courtesy of Kayleigh Heydon. 

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