chapter II ~ in some melodious plot

Photographer: Trudi Treble 

Talent: Antoinette Tracey, Brendon Mayanja & Claudia Messenger

Stylist: Blake Barns

Hair: Jordan Hallewell

Makeup: Meg McConville

Photographer assistant: Ted Min

chapter I ~ negative capability

NEGATIVE CAPABILITY explored a parallel plane of senses, grappling with tensions between transience and mortality, permanence and change, romantic ideals and reality. This group installation showcased the work of twelve cross-disciplinary local creatives, and was presented at Marfa Gallery from the 23rd - 25th of April 2021. Each participating artist responded to the same prompt: Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats and his concept of 'Negative Capability'. Using their chosen medium, they presented their interpretation of this theme within five sensory spaces exploring textile, scent, sound, light, visual art, object, moving image and spatial architecture. Visitors were encouraged to journey through each landscape and physically interact with their surroundings.

Curated by Veils of Cirrus. 

Photos courtesy of Sonny Witton. 

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chapter III ~ no order market pop-up

Photographer: Kayleigh Heydon